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competence isn't

  just a phrase


We are experienced in doing International HR since 1998.
Since then we've identified major issues and challenges that international and cross cultural cooperation pose.

Our international HR projects include:
  Intercultural Cooperation

  Leading Intercultural & Virtual Teams

  Intercultural Communication and Conflict Management

  International Presentation

  Methodological Training e.g. Moderation


Working in an intercultural team ourselves from the very beginning has facilitated this a lot.

Our team is represented by a number of well certified and experienced intercultural Business Moderators and Trainers with splendid experience in cross-cultural projects of different styles, frames and targets.



We will support your:

  Team building at any stage of the team process

     in cross-cultural teams
  Case-based conflict solutions in cross-cultural cooperation and 

     problem solving

Our focus is:

Establishing Cultural Awareness and functioning communication in your remote and intercultural project teams as a highly conflict-preventive measure. We think this issue is still quite underestimated.

Cultural Awareness isn´t just a phrase for us.


Our work focuses on:

  better understanding
  diversity, also as a high potential pool of hidden resources
  developing necessary competencies for cross-cultural teamwork
  defining functioning communication channels

  handling language barrier

  intercultural readiness

We now understand that there is a necessary meta approach bridging cross-cultural cooperation gaps in our client's interests.
Our network provides intercutural HR generalists as well as native consultants and trainers on request for multiple regions as specialists.

Our intercultural work is based on actual scientific research and the integrity and experience of our trainers.

We greatly appreciate the close and successful cooperation with

Gary Thomas and his assist International HR Team since 1998


Leading virtual and intercultural teams 

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